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FCS institution directory (Use the search fields to narrow down the list of institutions)
Most of the institutions listed below are direct-lending associations affiliated with one of the four banks of the Farm Credit System. Also listed are the System’s four banks, its five service corporations, the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, and the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation.

The institutions can be re-sorted by clicking a column header. Click on an institution’s name to view more information about the institution, such as chartered territory, institution website, and mailing address.

UninumInstitution NameDistrictHQ StateCEORSSD
610000 Farm Credit Bank of Texas Texas TX Amie Pala 2183916
620000 AgFirst Farm Credit Bank AgFirst SC Leon T. (Tim) Amerson 2333690
622000 AgriBank, FCB AgriBank MN Jeffrey Swanhorst 2008886
710261 Texas Farm Credit Services Texas TX Mark A. Miller 1902343
710269 AgTexas Farm Credit Services Texas TX Kayla Robinson 1902419
710454 AgTrust, ACA Texas TX Joe H. Hayman 3259032
710549 Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA Texas TX John Zachary May 4005405
710551 Heritage Land Bank, ACA Texas TX Mark Miller 4005441
710566 Capital Farm Credit, ACA Texas TX Jeff Norte 3075401
710862 Legacy Ag Credit, ACA Texas TX Derrell Chapman 4005768
710924 Louisiana Land Bank, ACA Texas LA F. Stephen Austin 4005227
710973 Mississippi Land Bank, ACA Texas MS Chad E. Crow 4095983
710981 Southern AgCredit, ACA Texas MS Phillip D. Morgan 3978164
710985 Alabama Farm Credit, ACA Texas AL Mel Koller 3978043
710990 Alabama Ag Credit, ACA Texas AL Douglas Thiessen 3025349
720033 First South Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst MS Gines Perez 2496036
720040 Central Kentucky Agricultural Credit Association AgFirst KY Jonathan T. Noe 2506793
720060 Puerto Rico Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst PR Ricardo L. Fernández 3865068
720066 AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst NC Vance C Dalton 3074196
720131 ArborOne, ACA AgFirst SC R. Bryant Sansbury 3221767
720143 Colonial Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst VA Paul B. Franklin, Sr. 2404545
720168 Southwest Georgia Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst GA Paxton W. Poitevint 3345467
720186 Farm Credit of Northwest Florida, ACA AgFirst FL John Gregory 2837750
720188 Farm Credit of Central Florida, ACA AgFirst FL Reginald T. Holt 2845997
720194 Farm Credit of the Virginias, ACA AgFirst VA Bradford Cornelius 2404554
720336 AgGeorgia Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst GA James Rob Crain 3345476
720345 Horizon Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst PA Thomas H. Truitt 2970509
720376 Farm Credit of Florida, ACA AgFirst FL Marcus A. Boone 3977998
720440 AgCarolina Farm Credit, ACA AgFirst NC Evan J. Kleinhans 2970497
720899 AG CREDIT, Agricultural Credit Association AgFirst OH Brian J. Ricker 3696105
720922 River Valley AgCredit, ACA AgFirst KY Kyle M Yancey 3574481
722012 GreenStone Farm Credit Services, ACA AgriBank MI Travis Jones 3087598
722114 Farm Credit Services of Mandan, ACA AgriBank ND Aaron Vetter 3559518
722146 Farm Credit Illinois, ACA AgriBank IL Aaron Johnson 3990139
722198 Farm Credit Services of America, ACA AgriBank NE Mark Jensen 2415578
722216 AgCountry Farm Credit Services, ACA AgriBank ND Mark Jensen 2848961
722233 Farm Credit Mid-America, ACA AgriBank KY Daniel Wagner 2484369
722313 Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas, ACA AgriBank AR Brandon Haberer 2537470
722350 AgHeritage Farm Credit Services, ACA AgriBank AR Greg Cole 2484556
722406 Farm Credit Southeast Missouri, ACA AgriBank MO Gregory Cunningham 3558249
722644 FCS Financial, ACA AgriBank MO Rob Guinn 3091607
722918 Compeer Financial, ACA AgriBank WI Jase Wagner 3950469
725031 Idaho AgCredit, ACA CoBank ID Marc Fonnesbeck 3348758
725131 Oklahoma AgCredit, ACA CoBank OK Bill Davis 3022544
725203 American AgCredit, ACA CoBank CA Curt Hudnutt 2558989
725247 Western AgCredit, ACA CoBank UT David G. Brown 3348767
725326 Farm Credit East, ACA CoBank CT Michael J. Reynolds 2507923
725355 AgWest Farm Credit, ACA CoBank WA Mark D. Littlefield 2558943
725429 High Plains Farm Credit, ACA CoBank KS Kevin Swayne 4012579
725450 Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA CoBank CA Tracy V. Sparks 3348730
725466 Farm Credit Services of Colusa-Glenn, ACA CoBank CA Timothy J. Elrod 2558877
725488 Premier Farm Credit, ACA CoBank CO Michael Grauberger 3107526
725629 Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma, ACA CoBank OK Greg Livingston 4014591
725676 Fresno-Madera Farm Credit, ACA CoBank CA Keith Hesterberg 3348703
725715 Farm Credit of Western Kansas, ACA CoBank KS Randal D Wilson 2737878
725818 Golden State Farm Credit, ACA CoBank CA Rob C. Faris 3348712
725839 Frontier Farm Credit, ACA CoBank KS Mark Jensen 3338964
725940 Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, ACA CoBank CO Jeremy M. Anderson 3125212
810586 Plains Land Bank, FLCA Texas TX Kay Lynn McLaughlin 4005759
925000 CoBank, ACB CoBank CO Thomas E. Halverson 1019988
2000002 Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation Service Corporations NJ Theresa E. McCabe 4003205
2000004 Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation Service Corporations MN Jason Lueders 2269883
2000007 Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. Service Corporations MA Robert Passini 3978445
2000009 AgVantis, Inc. Service Corporations KS David Oles 4013941
2000011 Farm Credit Foundations Service Corporations MN Teresa Heath-Alva 4367493
2000012 SunStream Business Services Service Corporations MN Dan Ritch