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View FCS Institution Directory
FCS Institution Directory
FC Financial Partners
Mr. Robert Passini
Mr. Marcus L. Knisely
1500 Main Street, Suite 600 PO Box 15247
Agawam, MA 01115
Charter Information
Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc.
Map and Territory Description
Map of institution territory
Effective 1/1/95, Farm Credit Financial Partners, INC., Became Chartered. This New Service Corporation Is Owned By CoBank, ACB And Provides Support Services For The ACAs In The States Mentioned On The Charter (Former Springfield District ACAs). The FCA Chartered This Corporation In Accordance With Title IV, Part 3 Of The Farm Credit Act Of 1971, As Amended And The Applicable Regulations Promulgated Thereunder. On May 7, 1997, the FCA amended the charter to permit the ACAs affiliated with CoBank, ACB to become stockholders of Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc., as authorized by 4.28A of the Act. The Act was amended in 1996 to allow System associations to organize and hold stock in section 4.25 service corporations.