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View FCS Institution Directory
FCS Institution Directory
Yosemite ACA
Mrs. Tracy V. Sparks
Mr. Thomas Maring
800 West Monte Vista Avenue
Turlock, CA 95382
Charter Information
Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA
Map and Territory Description
Map of institution territory
In the State of California, the Counties of Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne, and that portion of Fresno County described as follows: the following Townships or portions of Townships, Range 10E, 13S; Range 11E, 12 and 13S; Range 12E, Township 11, 12 and 13S; Range 13E, Township 10, 11 and 12S.
Effective October 1, 2000, Yosemite FLCA consolidated with Yosemite Production Credit, PCA, a new chartered production credit association, to form Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA. Upon consolidation, Yosemite Farm Credit ACA restructured and established Yosemite Land Bank, FLCA and Yosemite Production Credit, PCA as its wholly owned subsidiaries. The associations are subject to Conditions of Approval that are also effective October 1, 2000. Unless FCA modifies the Conditions of Approval, the three associations will be treated as a single association for regulatory purposes. Pursuant to FCA's Conditions of Approval, FCA will treat the ACA and its subsidiary associations on a consolidated basis for regulatory purposes as the FCA deems appropriate.

Effective October 1, 2003, the Western Farm Credit Bank merged with and into the Farm Credit Bank of Wichita, the continuing bank, which will be known as U.S. AgBank, FCB. As a result of the bank merger, all active associations in the Western and Wichita districts were assigned a new district code (24).

As a result of the merger of U. S. AgBank, FCB, into CoBank, ACB on 1/1/2012, all active associations in the U. S. AgBank and CoBank districts were assigned a new district code (25).