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Privacy Act Statement


The Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, 5 U.S.C. §§ 401–424, authorizes the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) to collect this information.


Information collected on this form will be used to document the conduct and outcome of investigations; to report results of investigations to other components of the FCA and other agencies and authorities for their use in evaluating programs and imposition of criminal, civil, or administrative sanctions; to report the results of investigations to other agencies or other regulatory bodies for an action deemed appropriate, and for retaining sufficient information to fulfill reporting requirements; and to maintain records related to the OIG’s activities.

Routine Uses:

Information may be disclosed for the uses described in the published system of records notice, FCA–7—Inspector General Investigative Files—FCA. These include, but are not limited to: to the appropriate federal, state, local, or foreign authority, where a record or information indicates a violation or potential violation of law; to the Department of Justice for its use in providing legal advice or in representing FCA in a proceeding before a court, adjudicative body, or other administrative body; to a court or other adjudicative body when FCA is a party to a proceeding; to a congressional office to respond to an inquiry made at the request of a person who is the subject of the record; and as necessary to further an FCA OIG investigation, audit, inspection, or evaluation.


Disclosure of this information is voluntary. Failure to provide the information requested above may inhibit the OIG’s ability to appropriately address your complaint.